Acceptance criteria for Korean language proficiency test

Do you know the acceptance criteria for the Korean language proficiency test?

Last time I talked about knowing the test system.
First of all, it is important to say how you can pass.

So let’s begin by knowing the acceptance criteria of the Korean language proficiency test.

First of all, please check the outline of the Korean language proficiency test.

There is something called “type and point of problem” and “acceptance criteria” on the link above.
This is a necessary checkpoint.

There is an explanation as to what level of competence is required in the “certification criteria by the class” and what kind of composition is high in the evaluation criteria of the essay writing, but this is not so important here.

Because it is ideal that is written here, it is not a condition necessary for passing.

For example, in Korean Language Proficiency Test Level 2, you can understand and use sentences using 1,500 to 2,000 words of vocabulary, but please think about it.
The meaning will differ considerably for “Can understand vocabulary” = “Readable” and “You Can use vocabulary” = “Write”.
As it is in English, people usually can not write all the words they can read.
It is not even “able to speak”.

On the contrary, if you can write sentences freely by writing words of 2000 words in fact, you can actually clear high-level compositions of the Korean language proficiency test.

This is a real story that seems to surprise you.
For further information we will inform you again.

Also, I think that some of you will find themselves frustrated with the words “specialized fields” or “politics / economics” appearing on the certification criteria of the 5th and 6th classes of the Korean language proficiency test.

“Wow! I do not understand something, but it seems to be difficult. I am studying only everyday conversation levels, but I do not understand technical terms.”

rest assured.
Again there is not much to open the lid.

Because what is the field of “specialty fields” here?
I do not understand about this point.

Korean Language Proficiency Test Level 6 is a difficult subject even in your language that appears in “Politics / Economy”

Do you think you know all the technical terms?

There should not be such a thing.

This is just a threat.

So please thru lightly here.
The same is true for “Evaluation Criteria for Writing Problems”.
I will explain about the measures of composition of the Korean language proficiency test again.

However, you must absolutely know “type and point of problem” and “acceptance criteria”.
However, “type and point of problem” is essentially 100 points each “vocabulary / grammar (어 의 / 문법)”, “written (쓰기)”, “listening (듣기)” and “reading (읽기) It is only saying that it is a full score of 400 points.

The most important thing is “acceptance criteria”.

How to understand this acceptance criterion is very important to pass the Korean language proficiency test.
By doing so, you can see how to study the Korean language proficiency test naturally.

Next time I would like to inform you about how to read this “acceptance criteria” part.

Ok see you next time!