Learning method of listening to comprehension of TOPIK test (3 and 4 levels) and reading comprehension

This time , I will introduce you about intermediate listening (듣기) and reading comprehension (최)).

But in fact this time there is nothing special.
Especially at the stage just before this test, in conclusion

Korean Language Proficiency Test Intermediate listening comprehension and reading comprehension should be studied only in the past.

Even higher class is the same.

The reason is simple.
That is because listening and reading are not immediately acquired.

That’s why it’s nonsense to buy new teaching materials from now and to work on it!

First of all, I will explain about listening.

First, use intermediate level audio teaching materials you are familiar with.
And keep listening again and again until you can hear it completely.

Especially Korean Language Proficiency Test Intermediate listeners are all twice audible, so you should aim at a level that you can hear perfectly at 2 degrees as a practice.

Practice of listening must not go to quantity.
You should stick to quality without fail.

In addition, the question of intermediate level has more than 20 seconds to answer questions after speech flows.
Therefore, let’s read the next question as soon as you can solve the problem.

Next is reading comprehension.

Even so, this is the same as listening, so let’s aim at the perfection of teaching materials you are familiar with or past questions.

As I wrote before, the problem of reading comprehension is large because the portion of “Korean language ability” in Korean language ability is questioned,
I will not go there even this evening.

However, since the listening time is 40 minutes, reading comprehension automatically becomes 50 minutes.
So, it is important to look at all the questions in 50 minutes while measuring the time.

In conclusion, it means that both listening comprehension and reading comprehension require “familiarization” and “familiarization”.
And this familiarity will be nurtured in continuation.

Often there is a story that an athlete will not be able to make hyperforce merely by taking a day off exercise for two days.
That is the same with us.

So from now until the day before the exam every day,
In fact it is actually the greatest examination to keep doing a certain amount of listening and reading problems.

I wrote a certain amount here because the time to be devoted to study study is different for each person.
As a rule of thumb, I would like to study at least 20 minutes each each day for each hour.

Please try starting now.