Tips of vocabulary / grammar, writing, listening, reading comprehension

Also, I guess everyone already knows,
It is a slightly different test from this Korean language proficiency test.

In general, these tests are either a different test for each class like the English test, or whether you compete with the score just like the English test, the Korean language proficiency test combines both subtly .

The first and second class tests of the Korean language proficiency test are the same.
Likewise 3rd and 4th grade, 5th grade and 6 grade.
And the only difference is the acceptance minimum point.

Moreover, one has passed an average of 50 points but another one has an average of 70 points.
It is a big difference that the average point differs by 20 points.

So, depending on circumstances Korean language proficiency test
Sometimes it is easier to pass grade 5 than to pass grade 4 level.

Well, although it is a Korean language proficiency test consisting of four subjects “vocabulary / grammar (어 의 / 문법)”, “writing (쓰기)”, “listening (듣기)” and “reading 읽기” It is in a difficult order (although there are individual differences, of course).

The most difficult part is vocabulary and grammar.
This is a question of the meaning of words and grammar expressions, so it is often that you can not solve if you do not know it.

Secondly I write drafts in composition.
Especially the most challenging is a long composition that comes out last.

150 to 300 characters in elementary level.
400 to 600 characters in intermediate level.
700 to 800 characters in high-end.

When I was also an intermediate student I felt like dying just to write 400 letters, so it seemed like a story of a high class 700 characters on the clouds.

Then listen to the difference that comes next.
Where does the difference come from, do you have ears that you are accustomed to listening to Korean?

I am sorry for those studying hard here in Japan,
International students are by far the most advantageous.
Indeed, all the international students who received the Korean language proficiency test say “The listening was the easiest.”

Reading comprehensible if you can read at the end.
The power of the national language in Japan is the most necessary subject.
“If you can read” is to say that there are many things that you can not read in many ways.
The reason is

① There are unknown words and can not be read
② I can not read it because I do not have time.

There are two.

See you next time!