【Adjecttive】Let’s learn TOPIK words.

Let’s learn TOPIK words. Here are TOPIK adjective.This is going to be on the test!
Memory these adjectives will improve your Korean and also help you on the TOPIK Test.

All kinds of 온갖
common 흔해빠지는
natural born 타고난
slow 느리다(느려요)
Strict 엄하다/엄격하다
at an acute [a sharp] angle 가파르다
rude 마음을 먹다
just/only ~에 불과하다.
Potential 잠재적인
noisy 무산하다
richness of 푸짐한
with 과의
insignificant 대수럽지 않은
not being used to 낯선
similar with 닮은 거 같아.
be in a class by oneself 남다르다
positive 긍정적인
no doubt 틀림없다
totally different 전혀 다른

That’s all today! see you next lesson!