Master basic words! (Phonetic word) unique numeral 지금 몇 시예


지금 몇 시요?

What time is it?

→ “Now is the time now”
→ “It is now ○ hour × minute”

One’s play (lol) It’s the answer of practice.

Problems ① – ⑤ were as follows.
Did you practice it?

① What time is it now?
It is one o’clock.

② What time is it now?
It is 2:46 now.

③ What time is it now?
It’s 8:30 now.

④ What time is it now?
It is 9:55 now.

⑤ What time is it now?
It is 12:10 now.

I finally got to speak to some extent properly,
I talked about cancer! Lol

Then, Here is the answer movie.

They also told you about the video,

Step 1 While looking at Hangul (letters), say
Step 2 say while watching Japanese
Step 3 Repeat step 1 → 2
Step 4 Say without looking at (watching only the clock)

With this repetition

It will gradually and smoothly come out of your mouth.

Inherent numeral

1 하나
2 둘
3 셋
4 넷
5 다섯
6 여섯
7 일곱
8 여덟
9 아홉
10 열

Chinese numerals

一 ・・・일
二 ・・・이
三 ・・・삼
四 ・・・사
五 ・・・오
六 ・・・육
七 ・・・칠
八 ・・・팔
九 ・・・구

The basic is more than 20!
The rest is that combination.

Practice to answer by asking time,

· Chinese numerals
· Specific numerals

I can practice both at the same time

That’s the best question and answer.

From now on,

· When I notice it

· Every time I see my watch

Ask yourself,

Let’s Practice and answering in Korean!

See you!